Chiropractic Testimonials

"I finally believe in miracles when I met Dr. Lam. I had neck and low back pain for several years from a ski injury and just lived with it until it started really bothering me. My friend has referred me to Dr. Lam and I’ve been thanking her ever since. Finally, I’m living a pain-free life!!"

- Julie N.

"Getting treated by Dr. Lam has literally changed my life and improved my athletic abilities. My pains have almost been eradicated with more energy, a clear mind, and loving life."

- Nelson A.

"After giving birth, my low back was a disaster. It was constantly aching and occasionally the pain would shoot down my leg which was the worse. After doing chiropractic with Dr. Lam and his beautiful office, the pain has been at bay and controlled. 5 stars to him and his wonderful staff."

- Lisa L.

"Truly impressed with the office’s professionalism and treatment of care. He uses multiple techniques I have not seen at other chiropractic offices. Truly one of the best!"

- Eric T.

"Being an avid golfer, I was having a lot of pain recently in the low back and my knee. I was scared the pain was permanent and was going to a dramatic impact on my game. After getting a recommendation to see Dr. Lam, my pain in the low back and knees has subsided dramatically all thanks to Dr. Lam."

- Tim K.

"My balance has improved!!! When I started seeing Dr. Lam, my main goal was to improve balance and posture. I have accomplished both and was very pleasantly surprised. They have a extremely friendly staff and beautiful office."

- Rachel L.

"I was coming here for a work injury and since then my neck and shoulder pain has improved greatly and improved my ability to perform my activities."

- Emanuel G.

"My spine had severe scoliosis for decades. He was honest with treatment and explained realistic expectations. I couldn’t ask more from their office and treatments."

- Richard C.

"Carpal tunnel – GONE. Amazing results when the only option I had left was getting surgery. When I went to see Dr. Lam, I couldn’t even fill out paperwork without shaking my hand 10 times and getting carpal tunnel acting up. He completely RESOLVED my problem!!"

- Nancy S.

"I had sciatica for years and no one seemed to help until I came to Dr. Lam’s office. He was able to offer a lot of relief and I love the HYDROMASSAGE! It’s the best!"

- Steve M.

"Recently I developed frozen shoulder from an injury. I wasn’t able to do much including simple things like cleaning and cooking. I was constantly on pain medication and trying to some stretches and physical therapy but seemed like it just wasn’t do anything.

After a recommendation from my sister, I gave Dr. Lam’s office a shot. Months of physical therapy could match up with the results I seen with him in a matter of weeks. He truly takes his time with the patients."

- Howard A.

"I had a MRI done and it showed a bulging disc and herniated disc in the neck and low back. This caused me to have pain that would stop me in my tracks. I went through his treatments which included flexion-distraction and it helped me a lot. I was able to take care of my family better and over feeling better."

- Susan S.

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